Ár Baile

Alondra's Journal
Entry 1 - "Bigger plans"

As I’m writing this, we’re camped outside a goblin-infested tomb. Three days ago, they attacked the city, and took off with a bunch of people and some treasures from some Dragonborn museum. Lord Azureus gathered a bunch of us who didn’t panic into a rescue team. One of them is my old bodyguard, Dirk. I wonder if he remembers all those times I used him for target practice…

Lord Azureus also sent his own nephew, Fazha. Kind of flaky. He likes to try bargaining with guys who are trying to kill him. There’s another Dragonborn and two other gals, also. One of them I guess is a waitress…she’s pretty good with a knife though. And she doesn’t freak out at every little thing, so maybe she used to do something else. The other is a priestess of Kord, and can definitely hold her own.

So far, everything seems just about like the prisoner we caught told us. Goblins, some traps, and bigger critters that eat people. Easy to get a little turned around inside, too. We’ve rescued most of the prisoners – gotta go back in to find the last one tomorrow. Hayul’s been staying out here guarding the ones we found – poor guy’s barely gotten to see any action since we got here. Oh well.

We found something in there that points to this whole thing being just a piece of something a lot bigger though. There was a letter we found on the guy we think is their leader, talking about sending soldiers and ‘bigger plans’ for invading places around here. We think the creep who brought the letter got away; there was this gnome arcanist who slipped through a wall before we could finish him off. Seemed pretty powerful, but he couldn’t have taken all of us. Obviously.

Jennowynne's Notes

They all return to town, and there are many festivities and praises for them all. The leaders pull them each aside to ask them how it went. Fazha’s uncle is a bit impatient with him. Larke pulls out the letter and hands it to him. Fazha’s uncle reads it, and again.

Fazha’s uncle has never heard of sinruth. He thinks it may be possible that we might have slain sinruth, but he is not sure. Larke thinks Fazha is on the loud side.

Fazha’s uncle would like us all to form into an official strikeforce. To work as troubleshooters. Jennowynne asks if we where be paid. Of course this is a common question of rogues.

Dirk eats a lot. He likes good eating.

They all get together and decided to nominate Larke as a leader. It was a close spot between Fazha and Larke. However Fazha decided to be contracted.

They all get together. Fazha decided he wants to be a gnome-punter. They should call each other the gnome be-goners. Aribeli Elite is a better name thought Fazha.

The party ends. Dirk takes leftover pie. He goes home to do homework on gnomes.

Neferi heads out and does some praying. She asks for a blessing on her next mission.

Larke decides on Vangaurd as their name.

Jennowynne cuts her hair, and runs into Fazha in the street. He doesn’t even acknowledge her. She thinks that’s excellent since she’s trying to hide from people. Other than that, she drifts from tavern to tavern.

Fazha purchases some weapons. He does so and also visit his uncle. He does some research on Fizlari.

He doesn’t find anything specific on Sinruth.

The town of Aribeli was damaged from the attack. The human and dragon quarter were damaged. The elven quarter was off in the forest so thus it wasn’t nearly as damaged.

After 5 days, everyone is called together. Azuraus calls everyone together. He tells them there is a problem with some bandits, which is a days ride away. They go somewhere where a lot of rogues hang out.

The rogues wait for a straggler to attack instead of attacking a whole caravan.

The Vanguard decide on what to do. They think they could travel along with a caravan, and somehow get lost from the group.

The last attack was during the last goblin attack, which is why Azaruis wasn’t at the party when Aribeli was attacked.

They decide to be in the very last caravan. There are five carts. The Vanguard is hiding in the last cart. Two bandits appear in the forest. They start throwing weapons.

One of the horses was spooked and the horse jumped off the cliff. Dirk stops the wagon. Several thieves come out of the forest, they start to attack. A couple stragglers run deep into the forest, Dirk and Fazha runs after them.

Jennowynne's Notes

They are in the hall, there are pillars, 20 ft wide. This hallway is down 40 ft and opens up into a big ole’ room. There are skeletons and well-preserved mummies in the room. The most preserved one, wearing a silk dress says “Look Reginald, I know that we would have guests.”

Fazah walks towards the other mummy. They explained they lived in better times. There was a period of a generation or two of some families that the high borne warriors had little better to do than fight each other in over-ritualized fighting events.

“Would you be his lovely wife, madam?”

She points at him, and misses her shot, however it does hit dirk. Dirk shoots his arrow, cursing out Fazah.

They fight the two mummies. The female mummy turns into the ugliest creature Fazah has ever seen. “Where is my children!” she yells.

A bunch of skeletons came up. Nefari does a big burst, three of the skeletons die. They continue to attack, Jennowynne making the final sneak stab into the female mummy.

Reginald makes a big burst and Jennowynne is down. Nefari heals her up and she jumps back into action.

They continue to attack for awhile. Finally Reginald’s blows up.

They all go outside to rest. The next day Fazah and Nefari go back to search through the bone room, finding 2 healing potions and a 100 gold coins. They hear someone crying. They peer around the corner and finds a kid and 260 gold. The kid is 8 years old, and his name is Thurin. He tells him that the witch is being held in the magic circle downstairs. He remembers a lot of mushrooms. They go into a pool room. Fazah contemplates drinking, but changes his mind that it might be diseased.

Thurin realizes his dad was dead by nedercaps. They decide to leave the kid upstairs with Haul.

They all enter a room of mushrooms. Fazha grabs a rock about to throw. They contemplate setting them on fire. It’s a cloudspore variety. There are no visible enemies, but wait- there are enemies. They are two large creatures in the room. After much fighting, they manage to defeat the two creatures.

In the middle of the next room is an old lady. Fazha tries to pick her up and takes damage. They take her up and out of the catacombs and return.

They enter in another room with four statues. They see a woman chained to the altar. They rescue her. Then they realize they are done. They headed back to town. About time, right?

Jennowynne's Notes

They enter a room with a sun shaped symbol on the floor with zombies and the like. They manage to kill the zombies, however, most of them lain on the floor. Not dead, but sore. Very, very sore. Fazah looks through the bodies, and only found a couple shiny gems.

They hear whispering in the next room, Fazah and Dirk together push the door open, however it was a little too hard and the door nearly falls off the hinges.

Inside there is a big ape thing beating it’s chest. It was horrific.

Fazah asks him “would you like to be free, my friend?” “Yes, yes, yes.”

“If I let you go, will you hurt me?” “Yes, yes, yes”

They kill him and a couple were-rats as well. They head down the hall, and hear talking inside a door. “You and You, in the corner, they are coming!!” Fazah knocks on the door “Hurry! The Gnome is going away!” He proceeds to make stomping noises down the hall.

The creatures inside fling open the door, meeting their doom. One of the were-rats sat down to Fazah’s command. “If any of your friends return you are dead.” The other were-rats shown up.

As soon as Fazah told the were-rats that is almost dead to sit down or die. Gnome-mage dude Acrhnist cast an illusion was knee deep in black, diseased smoke. Larke especially.

They kill off two of the were rats, and charged the gnome. “Join us or die” said Fazah. The gnome teleported through a wall.

Jennowynne's Notes

The gnome had left, unbeknown to the scout waiting outside. They go up the stairs by the room with the sticky stairs, into a dusty room. They open the door, and they hear a hissing noise.

We hear some goblin’s shouting. No one knows how to speak goblin. Haul runs up to attack one of the goblins, he gets hit. Jennowynne jumps up onto a beam, aiming her arrows.

Four hobgoblins come out of nowhere, really angry like. They all manage to kill three of them. Easy. Cause we are scary like that.

We manage the other hobgoblins and one of the two goblins. Fazha mentions to keep the last one alive so we interrogate him. Larke goes ahead and smites him.

They finally kill the sneaky archer dude, and Fazha gets all excited since now he can all interrogate the hobgoblin, who, which is proven, to be more frightened than angry, although he is, in fact, angry. Who wouldn’t?

The hobgoblin spits in Fazha’s face. He tells Larke she can kill him. Larke doesn’t want to kill him now since he did surrender. However, she changes her mind. Fazha pokes his head down the stairway.

There are several hobgoblins and smaller goblins inside. They kill most of the hobgoblins at first, again, they are good like that. They find these guys easiest to kill, as they hack them one by one.

There is only one left.. then another small gnome ranger appears. Haul asks Fazha if he is going to squish him too.. Fazha is too angry to squish, he wants to kill at this point.

They kill the gnome’s bodyguard, and the little gnome is up against them all. There is a dark cloud amoung them all. The gnome is killed by Jennowynne. Leaving behind shiny scale skin. They loot the gnome and there is a very light dagger, and healing dagger, and a key.

They opened the door and find Jalissa inside. She’s freaked out. Dirk walks in there and unlocks the shackles. She latches onto him. They opened up the coffins, and find just dead bodies.

Meheirs are scattered about in the next room. Mehairs are standing stones. Something behind is casting light, shows two sets of double doors between them and the light source.

They all discuss whether or not if they will hide and ambush or what. They decide that one will check it out as “bait”.

They decide to all hide. Jennowynne readied her bow, ready to strike. The hobgoblin comes forward. They start attacking. Jen releases her bow, she misses. She tries again, hits the hobgoblin, and damages him.

They finally killed the hobgoblin boss, got 170 gold. Haul took his spikey plate armor. They receive a letter to Brave Sinruth from the Herald proposing an alliance. However he offers a test first.

Jennowynne's Notes

They all go outside for a breather. They would need it after the weird teleportal thingy. They decide to rest and camp for the night.

Outside, they run into some company. Not orc, not hobgoblin, not troll, but a dude named Haul.

They go into a crypt, with an inscription that says “Hail Irshtic, with glory”. Irshtic is an ancient family that died out a long time ago. They check out the alcoves, nothing too special about them. While Fazha looks closely at one of them, doors open suddenly.

Scorpion guys come through, made out of fire. One out of one end, the other out of another end. Fazah declares “I WILL JUST BREATHE ON THEM! HA!”

Dirk attacks first, he misses. Neferi goes next, she manages to hit the first flamey scorpion guy. One of the guys spits hot lava at Larke, she drifts. A gnome (evil gnome) comes out beside Dirk and tries to attack him. Dirk laughs and steps out of the way, stating, “ I guess we know who summoned these creatures!” Then the gnome disappears and reappears.

Fazha blows his icy cold breath at both the gnome and the scorpion creature. He ends up flailing the scorpion creature, he hits him. Jennowynne attacks, and hits, causing minimal damage. Larke and Haul attack the scorpion creature next to them. Dirk attacks, followed by Neferi. They keep attacking; the gnome fades out of existence.

They continue to attack, the gnome reappears. Dirk tries to locate him, he looses track and the gnome disappears again. Fazha does an awesome attack against one of the scorpion guys, he is down. There is only one more scorpion guy left along with the disappearing gnome. They realize there are two gnomes all along.

They manage to kill one of the gnomes, Fazha sits on one of them. The last scorpion thingy dude is left. We manage to kill it. So all that’s left is the gnome under Fazha, who surrenders easily.

Fazha asks the gnome if he speaks common. The gnome states he does.

“Why are you here?” asks Fazha.

“I was ordered to follow sinrutlth. He was my master, acrhimest fizlarium.”

“Do you have access to the rooms in this crypt?” “We were posted in this room”

haul determined the gnome is telling the truth.

“Where are the prisoners?” asked Fazha.

“The dragonborn are through there. That’s all I know”. Said the gnome.

They determine that the gnome has a buddy with the key to the next room. They figure out what to do with him, so they decide to tie his arms, blind fold him, and bring him along with us.

“How much are they paying you?” asks Fazha.


“I tell you what, you get your life in a stipend of a gold piece a month.”

“You pay in gold?” he asks.

“Look at every member of this party, until we get out of here alive, understand that every one here wants to kill you, and only I am preventing that from happening. Understand that?”

“Yes master.” Said the gnome.

Beyond the door is the holding cell, where Certainun stays. Certainun is the curator of the museum. Certaninun has a cane, and thus can’t move very well. He knows the cook is downstairs, as he was moved upstairs a few days ago.

We send the gnome out to scouts, dirk escorts him out.

Inside the next room, there are creepy spidery things. A nedercap. Fazha states that it is a humanoid spider.

Fazha is suggesting we smoke out the enemy above us. Larke advised she is going to douse her hankerchef with water from her canteen. The others do the same.

They burn some bedrolls found in an adjacent room. Everyone’s eyes start to sting. Fazha stomps out the fire, he grabs a torch from the flames and proceeds into the room.

The room is dark. Fazha throws his torch into the room, to see where the nedercap is. The nedercap comes up and bites Fazha. Fazha isn’t a happy dragonborn. Not at all.

Another nedercap comes in and flanks Dirk. Neferi and Jennowynne are struck down by the Nedercaps. The others manage to kill both the nedercaps. Neferi regains her strength, Jennowynne remains on the ground. Severely wounded.

The gnome booked it down the hall, when everyone started getting in real trouble. We all manage, per normal to get things under control. They search the catacombs, and find a body of cartenex, one of the seven. They find 4 gems (each worth 25 gp), 80 gold, and 100 gold worth of magic dust. They also find a belt with an untarnished nature, and healing potion. The belt is a heroic belt of vigor, which gives healing surges.

They all stood around debating who gets the belt, the gems, and the gold pieces. Fazha throws the belt on and decides to take it as his own. He decided to give it as a gift to Neferi.

Jennowynne's Notes

(summary of last time: they went into a crypt and killed bunch of lizards, and glowing runes that bit you. Got into a room found a dwarf shackled up named Adrousius. He told us where to find the next place. He gave the following instructions: Straight across entry chamber, left in Goblin smell room, left in crackling sound room, 2 right corners through room that smells of dead with the stairs w/ sticky floor room. Right and up more stairs through a dusty room and left through a door to find Jelissa.)Neferi

Fazha listened to the room next to him, the original chamber. Dirk is behind him, and he listens inside the door, and flaming arrows flying through the room. Fazha decides to run straight through, holding a torch. Jennowynne is always keeping her ears open. They see a bunch of hobgoblins.

Larke kills a hobgoblin right off. Neferi (a newly joined member) throws a hammer after jumping in front of Fazha, she kills another hobgoblin. Jennowynne jumps up and throws a dagger, killing yet another hobgoblin. We girls rock.

Fazha gets up close to the last hobgoblin, wanting to breath fire, and burns the goblin. The last main goblin, the head goblin, attacks Fazha. Dirk goes forward to bash the head hobgoblin, he’s marked.

Two little hobgoblins behind a door start shooting inside the chamber from the next room. Neferi gets beside Fazha, and hits the head hobgoblin with her warhammer. She misses. Jennowynne strikes with her blade, she misses as well. Larke attacks with her magic, it hits. Fazha attacks and hits. Dirk attacks. Neferi flanks on the other side of the head hobgoblin, to attack. Jennowynne attacks, and she misses. Fazha attacks, and then Dirk attacks, FINALLY bloodies him (thank goodness). Larke attacks an archer, he is bloodied hanging off the edge of the pit. He climbs up out of the pit. Neferi attacks, and the head goblin dies. Neferi is the HERO.

Jennowynne throws a dagger towards the unharmed archer, she misses. Fazha moves up to the archer and hits him. Dirk attacks, and misses. Larke attacks the remaining goblin archer and he dies. Jennowynne gets a hand-crossbow.

They all go left down the hall. The room forward has a blue luminance. Fazha throws a a stone into the blue flame, it ripples. A big, orangish blob oozes through. Neferi throws a hammer at the blob, it oozes in. Dirk attacks, and then Fazha attacks with his dragon breath while attacking. Jennowynne sneaks up close to the curtain and hits it. Fazha attacks, gets acid spit on him, he is bloodied.

The blob splits in half. The new blob attacks. Two spectors come out from nowhere, one behind Neferi, and one beside Larke. Neferi turns and attacks the spector next to her. Dirk attacks the blob, and both sides of the blob takes damage. Fazha attacks the blob and it melts. Jennowynne attacks the remaining blob, and misses.

A spector attacks dirk, he gets hit. A spector hits Neferi also. A spector hits Larke as well. This is starting to really, really suck. Fazha managed to get hit by a spector, and he manages to get hit, he is DOWN!

All that’s left is the rogue Jennowynne, standing lone, deciding on the best course of action. Neferi gets up though, and helps Fazha get up. Dirk gets up as well. Fazha attacks the blob, hits it and it explodes.

A spector hits Jennowynne, it does little damage. Neferi attacks the spector in between herself and Jennowynne gets hit. Larke hits that spector as well, it dies. Jennowynne hits the remaining spector, it is bloodied.

Jennowynne's Notes

Jay ran off to help his mentor. Hobgoblins start to shoot at Fazha. Fazha is bloodied. Jennowynne runs off to a corner and hides. Larke moves forward and hides on the other side. Fazha yells over to Jennowynne to follow. Fazha starts to ramble about leaving the city, and that we should go look for other survivors outside the city. A ball of fire lands beside Dirk, who stands in the middle of the road to defend. Jennowynne throws a dagger at one of the two hobgoblins, and overshoots the throw and the dagger lands behind the hobgoblin, missing him. She moves beside Fazha. Larke zaps one of the hobgoblins. Fazha hides in a shop, peeking out an open window, and breaths ice outside towards the hobgoblins and the Ogre. Dirk cleaves at one of the hobgoblins. One of the hobgoblins shoots at Larke, and he misses, he shoots again, and hits. Jennowynne runs behind Fazha at the window, and throws another dagger, and damages the hobgoblins. Larke moves forward towards Dirk. Dirk attacks the Ogre, and installs more damage. Fazha climbs out the window, and attacks and hits the Ogre. The Ogre is bloodied. Dirk attacks the Ogre again, and the Ogre is counters back and strikes Dirk. Dirk goes down. Fazha attacks the Ogre and hits. Jennowynne throws another dagger and hits the Ogre. Fazha attacks one of the smaller hobgoblins. Lark attacks and misses, the hobgoblin hits and misses. Jen flanks Fazha and strikes at the Ogre. Larke curses one of the hobgoblins. Fazha stubs his toe and it hurts, so he cuddles Jennowynne. Dirk cleaves the ogre. The Ogre tries to hit Dirk and misses, a hobgoblin tries to hit Dirk and misses also, and then the hobgoblin tries to hit Fazha but misses again. Jennowynne finishes the Ogre. Larke jumps over to the wagon, and attacks both the hobgoblins. Fazha attacks one of the hobgoblins. Dirk does a covering attack on the other hobgoblin, kills him. Fazha gets ahead of the remaining hobgoblin. The hobgoblin moves to attack Fazha, however Dirk attacks him. The hobgoblin attacks Dirk. Jennowynne tells Fazha to duck and throws a dagger to the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin is now bloodied. Larke attacks the hobgoblin, and kills him. They search the bodies, and find just the standard weapons and junk. Fazha suggests again leaving the city. Larke states that she has family in town and that’s not an option. Fazha states that our families can look after himself. Larke throws a rock and hits Fazha.

They hear about another major fight, but the time they reach the fight it is over. Larke’s father is safe with a couple goblin heads, which is tied to his belt. Fazha holds down the fort, and in the morning he receives a messenger from Fazha’s messenger. We get summoned individually to Fazha’s uncle Azuraus. Fazha goes first.

Fazha has only one uncle, one father who is the only male heirs on either side. If Fazha dies their dynasty is pretty much screwed. Fazha rushed across the hall to make sure he was the first one. But Dirk beat him.

When they gathered together, Azuraus informed them of what was going on:

Last night’s attack was a raid on the hall of great valor. The hall of great valor is a war museum, and it’s important to the dragon ward. They took a few minor exhibits, and seven civilians. He gives the names: Jelissa, sir tainain (curator) , carnanix (dirk knows him, it’s his captain of the city guard), theran (son of carnix), xerixa (city witch, friends with Larke, who’s mentor doesn’t like), adrimuses (alchemist) , mertela (Jennowynne knows, one of the cooks for the catering service she works for). They have managed to capture one of the hobgoblin soldiers to obtain intelligence from. The hobgoblins have the city watch.

They all grab their gear and leave, with all intentions to bringing back the hostages and grabbing some hobgoblin heads. Fazha goes the Hobgoblin to find out what’s going on. Larke goes with him. Lark asks “what were you after in the museum?” The hobgoblin shakes. Fazha considered taking a finger. The Hobgoblin states that he was ordered. Fazha states that it was ok. The hobgoblin was lighting fires in the human district. “where did they take the goods, more specifically, my friends, who aren’t nearly as tasty as hobgoblins?” The Hobgoblin stalls in thought. Fazha starts licking his large fang. The hobgoblin opens his mouth, stops, and slumps. Fazha grabs his hand, and puts one finger up. “They took them to the Castle.” “What castle?” asks Larke. “Some Castle in the west” “Do you want to live?” asks Fazha? “Yes.” “Do you want a job? Cleaning, gardening, and a house full of dragon born, know that they will eat you if you fail.” The guards start to snicker. “Fine” says Fazha, “I will eat you instead.” “So, the castle in the west, what else?” asked Larke. “What does it look like, how much of you guys are there?” “And why would you take our civilians?” asked Fazha. He snorts. “I can draw you a map for all the good it’ll do ya.”he says. “Draw it, and I don’t want any mistakes” said Larke. “And any traps” says Fazha. The hobgoblin draws the map, which is a round about path. “There will be hundreds by now.” He says. “Of what?” asks Larke. “Goblins, Ogre, and even darker things I don’t even know of.”he says. “Why do you need the seven that were taken?” asked Fazha. “Food for the darker ones.” He says.

Larke takes the map to go see a cartographer, the map checks out. On their way out, the hobgoblin says “ and tell the warlock to send the four lambs to the slaughter.” Larke turns and tells the hobgoblin “You are lucky.” Larke offers to not follow the map and just go straight through the forest. They think it over, and decide to follow the path for now. They decide to show the map to Azuraus, who agrees that that’s the route he would take. Fazha asks for any better routes, or anyone who knows the way. Azuraus says sure.

“The raid on the city wasn’t as large scale as it appeared to be, it appeared to be a bluff. Quite frankly, the council, balked at the idea of sending a force so far away that after seven civilians that may or may not be alive, especially at this raid was a probing attack for a much larger attack.

I feel that sending a small, highly skilled strike force to obtain the hostages, to be a more feasible approach to the situation, especially if there are hundreds.” He says somewhat annoyingly.

The next morning, they are on their way. They find goblin tracks and catacombs nearby the castle. They enter the catacombs. There are two braziers in the catacombs.

Dirk opens the door along w/ Fazha. They find some very surprised goblins. Jennowynne notices two sets of runners in the floor. They go in to attack.

Larke hits a goblin. Dirk goes forward and cleaves. Fazha rushes forward to attack another goblin. Jennowynne rushes in and flanks Fazha, and attacks the goblin closest to him. Larke attacks another goblin. One of the goblins near the back of the catacomb fires at Larke, and instills damage. Then the goblin shoots Jennowynne, and she takes damage. Dirk cleaves at a goblin which makes an advantageous position for Fazha. Larke yells to Jennowynne “Finish him!”

Fazha attacks the goblin, and then Dirk attacks again. Jennowynne does a sneak attack and damages the goblin. Larke says “Hey, you are in my way!” and attacks the goblin closest to her.

They all manage to flank the goblins, and one runs the bend. Fazha attacks a goblin near the back. Jennowynne attacks the other one near the back. Larke goes forward to help Jennowynne. Jennowynne takes damage from the goblin.

Dirk shifts before he attacks. There is a loud rumbling sound. The braziers move. Fazha attacks the goblin in the back, he dies.

Jennowynne attacks the goblin closest to her, she misses, the goblin shifts out of the way. Larke attacks a goblin with a quick flash flame, she shifts. Dirk attacks. The braziers move again. Fazha blows out one of the braziers.

Jennowynne rushes to Dirk’s side and attacks the goblin next to her. A flame from the brazier shoots across the hall and nears Fazha. Larke shoots the goblin near the door, he is bloodied. The goblin shoots Larke back w/ his crossbow. The braziers move back again. Fazha attacks and the goblin dies. Jennowynne rushes forward and tries to attack, however she misses. Larke has her side and teleports to the goblin. The other brazier relights and a flame shoots towards the other brazier.

The Goblin shifts, and attacks Jennowynne, she is bloodied. Dirk charges towards the goblin, and kills it dead.

Jennowynne's Notes

Ar Baile- “our home”, large metropolitan city. Human, elven, dragonborn called districts. 4 sections, each self governing. Joint council. Elvens are refugees, aren’t many in the town, connected to the royal family.

Lark-Half-elf. Raised by two humans. Illegimate. Lives with Father, who’s a politician. Has a chip on her shoulder. Father sent her to train as a warlock. Her master and Jay’s master were rivals. Mentor is Madame Lastante’.

Fazha- Dragonborn, Macum (sudo-name) family name in common silver blooded (of the silver blood). Out for himself, will help others if he gets gain. Stands up for friends that tends to be underdogged. Fazha’s uncle is the premier noble among the dragonborn, his mother’s brother.

Jennowynne- Human Rogue. Faked her own death to escape from court life, however it didn’t go as planned, and her people think she’s still alive and captured somewhere. Her real name is Adriana, however she keeps that name to herself for good reason.

Jay-Elf. Fazha’s uncle threw a party and invited the last known surviving heir of the elladrion kingdom. The uncle (who’s a cripple) brought his son, who was 12. Jay was an outstanding wizard, and Jay was told to be friends with his son.

Dirk Rexford- Human. Bodyguard tied to nobles. 5th generation soldier. Got into some bodyguard work and did some exceptional work. Fazha’s uncle noticed, and invested in Dirk.

They are at a party, about to get started. Fazha’s uncle is starting the party however he isn’t there yet. Fazha is taking care of things. Larke’s there with her father to try to carry favor. Jay is not present because he is indisposed. Fazha’s uncle has military duties that require his attention. Jennowyne’s is there catering. Dirk is there as a high end retainer, a relatively new position. He’s head of security for the party.

4 Hobgoblins burst in. Jay attacks first, and wipes them all out! Jennowynne starts looting the bodies to see if she can find anything interesting. Fazha jumps over the table to check the kitchen, everyone is fine. He talks to the chef (also in dragonborn), in draconic to watch the doors. Dirk checks the door, and sees five more hobgoblins and a smaller goblin holding a clay jug full of oil. He’s packing greek fire.

Jennowynne finds Leather armor, shields, and longswords. They hold no secrets. Larke uses her psychic powers to damage the goblin holding the jug. 5 more hobgoblins come in through the front door along with another goblin who throws greek fire in the banquet fire and burns up a guest. The other goblin throws greek fire towards Dirk and Larke. Three of the hobgoblins run over to the main door.

Jay uses his powers to attack the hobgoblins that came into the front door. Jennowynne pierced the hobgoblin, and contemplated naming her dagger, which killed her first hobgoblin. Fazha grabbed the tablecloth and jumps over to the side of the table, and wipes out some fire, and asks all the guests to get through the kitchen.

Dirk jumps through the door, catching on fire for a second, and attacks a hobgoblin, who he kills. Larke hits the same goblin again, he dies. Another hobgoblin attacks Dirk however Dirk resists. Jennowynne gets hit by a hobgoblin close to her and is hurt, she is bleeding. However the hobgoblin falls asleep. Jay’s cronie attacks the goblin in the hall. Another guest runs up to the goblin as well. Jennowynne attacks another hobgoblin and bloodies him. Fazha runs up to a goblin and smashes him. Fazha tells all the guests to flip the table to put out the fire. Dirk attacks another hobgoblin, he dies, he hits another, he dies. Larke tries to put the fire by her door, she succeeds. The other two remaining hobgoblins run away. Fazha runs out and blows ice on the fire. The bucket brigade comes and puts out a fire. Fazha and the others realize that other parts of town are on fire. Fazha instructs the other nobles to follow him into town.


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