Ár Baile

Alondra's Journal

Entry 1 - "Bigger plans"

As I’m writing this, we’re camped outside a goblin-infested tomb. Three days ago, they attacked the city, and took off with a bunch of people and some treasures from some Dragonborn museum. Lord Azureus gathered a bunch of us who didn’t panic into a rescue team. One of them is my old bodyguard, Dirk. I wonder if he remembers all those times I used him for target practice…

Lord Azureus also sent his own nephew, Fazha. Kind of flaky. He likes to try bargaining with guys who are trying to kill him. There’s another Dragonborn and two other gals, also. One of them I guess is a waitress…she’s pretty good with a knife though. And she doesn’t freak out at every little thing, so maybe she used to do something else. The other is a priestess of Kord, and can definitely hold her own.

So far, everything seems just about like the prisoner we caught told us. Goblins, some traps, and bigger critters that eat people. Easy to get a little turned around inside, too. We’ve rescued most of the prisoners – gotta go back in to find the last one tomorrow. Hayul’s been staying out here guarding the ones we found – poor guy’s barely gotten to see any action since we got here. Oh well.

We found something in there that points to this whole thing being just a piece of something a lot bigger though. There was a letter we found on the guy we think is their leader, talking about sending soldiers and ‘bigger plans’ for invading places around here. We think the creep who brought the letter got away; there was this gnome arcanist who slipped through a wall before we could finish him off. Seemed pretty powerful, but he couldn’t have taken all of us. Obviously.


Galadare Lironah

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