Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

Ar Baile- “our home”, large metropolitan city. Human, elven, dragonborn called districts. 4 sections, each self governing. Joint council. Elvens are refugees, aren’t many in the town, connected to the royal family.

Lark-Half-elf. Raised by two humans. Illegimate. Lives with Father, who’s a politician. Has a chip on her shoulder. Father sent her to train as a warlock. Her master and Jay’s master were rivals. Mentor is Madame Lastante’.

Fazha- Dragonborn, Macum (sudo-name) family name in common silver blooded (of the silver blood). Out for himself, will help others if he gets gain. Stands up for friends that tends to be underdogged. Fazha’s uncle is the premier noble among the dragonborn, his mother’s brother.

Jennowynne- Human Rogue. Faked her own death to escape from court life, however it didn’t go as planned, and her people think she’s still alive and captured somewhere. Her real name is Adriana, however she keeps that name to herself for good reason.

Jay-Elf. Fazha’s uncle threw a party and invited the last known surviving heir of the elladrion kingdom. The uncle (who’s a cripple) brought his son, who was 12. Jay was an outstanding wizard, and Jay was told to be friends with his son.

Dirk Rexford- Human. Bodyguard tied to nobles. 5th generation soldier. Got into some bodyguard work and did some exceptional work. Fazha’s uncle noticed, and invested in Dirk.

They are at a party, about to get started. Fazha’s uncle is starting the party however he isn’t there yet. Fazha is taking care of things. Larke’s there with her father to try to carry favor. Jay is not present because he is indisposed. Fazha’s uncle has military duties that require his attention. Jennowyne’s is there catering. Dirk is there as a high end retainer, a relatively new position. He’s head of security for the party.

4 Hobgoblins burst in. Jay attacks first, and wipes them all out! Jennowynne starts looting the bodies to see if she can find anything interesting. Fazha jumps over the table to check the kitchen, everyone is fine. He talks to the chef (also in dragonborn), in draconic to watch the doors. Dirk checks the door, and sees five more hobgoblins and a smaller goblin holding a clay jug full of oil. He’s packing greek fire.

Jennowynne finds Leather armor, shields, and longswords. They hold no secrets. Larke uses her psychic powers to damage the goblin holding the jug. 5 more hobgoblins come in through the front door along with another goblin who throws greek fire in the banquet fire and burns up a guest. The other goblin throws greek fire towards Dirk and Larke. Three of the hobgoblins run over to the main door.

Jay uses his powers to attack the hobgoblins that came into the front door. Jennowynne pierced the hobgoblin, and contemplated naming her dagger, which killed her first hobgoblin. Fazha grabbed the tablecloth and jumps over to the side of the table, and wipes out some fire, and asks all the guests to get through the kitchen.

Dirk jumps through the door, catching on fire for a second, and attacks a hobgoblin, who he kills. Larke hits the same goblin again, he dies. Another hobgoblin attacks Dirk however Dirk resists. Jennowynne gets hit by a hobgoblin close to her and is hurt, she is bleeding. However the hobgoblin falls asleep. Jay’s cronie attacks the goblin in the hall. Another guest runs up to the goblin as well. Jennowynne attacks another hobgoblin and bloodies him. Fazha runs up to a goblin and smashes him. Fazha tells all the guests to flip the table to put out the fire. Dirk attacks another hobgoblin, he dies, he hits another, he dies. Larke tries to put the fire by her door, she succeeds. The other two remaining hobgoblins run away. Fazha runs out and blows ice on the fire. The bucket brigade comes and puts out a fire. Fazha and the others realize that other parts of town are on fire. Fazha instructs the other nobles to follow him into town.


Galadare Jennowynne

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