Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

Jay ran off to help his mentor. Hobgoblins start to shoot at Fazha. Fazha is bloodied. Jennowynne runs off to a corner and hides. Larke moves forward and hides on the other side. Fazha yells over to Jennowynne to follow. Fazha starts to ramble about leaving the city, and that we should go look for other survivors outside the city. A ball of fire lands beside Dirk, who stands in the middle of the road to defend. Jennowynne throws a dagger at one of the two hobgoblins, and overshoots the throw and the dagger lands behind the hobgoblin, missing him. She moves beside Fazha. Larke zaps one of the hobgoblins. Fazha hides in a shop, peeking out an open window, and breaths ice outside towards the hobgoblins and the Ogre. Dirk cleaves at one of the hobgoblins. One of the hobgoblins shoots at Larke, and he misses, he shoots again, and hits. Jennowynne runs behind Fazha at the window, and throws another dagger, and damages the hobgoblins. Larke moves forward towards Dirk. Dirk attacks the Ogre, and installs more damage. Fazha climbs out the window, and attacks and hits the Ogre. The Ogre is bloodied. Dirk attacks the Ogre again, and the Ogre is counters back and strikes Dirk. Dirk goes down. Fazha attacks the Ogre and hits. Jennowynne throws another dagger and hits the Ogre. Fazha attacks one of the smaller hobgoblins. Lark attacks and misses, the hobgoblin hits and misses. Jen flanks Fazha and strikes at the Ogre. Larke curses one of the hobgoblins. Fazha stubs his toe and it hurts, so he cuddles Jennowynne. Dirk cleaves the ogre. The Ogre tries to hit Dirk and misses, a hobgoblin tries to hit Dirk and misses also, and then the hobgoblin tries to hit Fazha but misses again. Jennowynne finishes the Ogre. Larke jumps over to the wagon, and attacks both the hobgoblins. Fazha attacks one of the hobgoblins. Dirk does a covering attack on the other hobgoblin, kills him. Fazha gets ahead of the remaining hobgoblin. The hobgoblin moves to attack Fazha, however Dirk attacks him. The hobgoblin attacks Dirk. Jennowynne tells Fazha to duck and throws a dagger to the hobgoblin. The hobgoblin is now bloodied. Larke attacks the hobgoblin, and kills him. They search the bodies, and find just the standard weapons and junk. Fazha suggests again leaving the city. Larke states that she has family in town and that’s not an option. Fazha states that our families can look after himself. Larke throws a rock and hits Fazha.

They hear about another major fight, but the time they reach the fight it is over. Larke’s father is safe with a couple goblin heads, which is tied to his belt. Fazha holds down the fort, and in the morning he receives a messenger from Fazha’s messenger. We get summoned individually to Fazha’s uncle Azuraus. Fazha goes first.

Fazha has only one uncle, one father who is the only male heirs on either side. If Fazha dies their dynasty is pretty much screwed. Fazha rushed across the hall to make sure he was the first one. But Dirk beat him.

When they gathered together, Azuraus informed them of what was going on:

Last night’s attack was a raid on the hall of great valor. The hall of great valor is a war museum, and it’s important to the dragon ward. They took a few minor exhibits, and seven civilians. He gives the names: Jelissa, sir tainain (curator) , carnanix (dirk knows him, it’s his captain of the city guard), theran (son of carnix), xerixa (city witch, friends with Larke, who’s mentor doesn’t like), adrimuses (alchemist) , mertela (Jennowynne knows, one of the cooks for the catering service she works for). They have managed to capture one of the hobgoblin soldiers to obtain intelligence from. The hobgoblins have the city watch.

They all grab their gear and leave, with all intentions to bringing back the hostages and grabbing some hobgoblin heads. Fazha goes the Hobgoblin to find out what’s going on. Larke goes with him. Lark asks “what were you after in the museum?” The hobgoblin shakes. Fazha considered taking a finger. The Hobgoblin states that he was ordered. Fazha states that it was ok. The hobgoblin was lighting fires in the human district. “where did they take the goods, more specifically, my friends, who aren’t nearly as tasty as hobgoblins?” The Hobgoblin stalls in thought. Fazha starts licking his large fang. The hobgoblin opens his mouth, stops, and slumps. Fazha grabs his hand, and puts one finger up. “They took them to the Castle.” “What castle?” asks Larke. “Some Castle in the west” “Do you want to live?” asks Fazha? “Yes.” “Do you want a job? Cleaning, gardening, and a house full of dragon born, know that they will eat you if you fail.” The guards start to snicker. “Fine” says Fazha, “I will eat you instead.” “So, the castle in the west, what else?” asked Larke. “What does it look like, how much of you guys are there?” “And why would you take our civilians?” asked Fazha. He snorts. “I can draw you a map for all the good it’ll do ya.”he says. “Draw it, and I don’t want any mistakes” said Larke. “And any traps” says Fazha. The hobgoblin draws the map, which is a round about path. “There will be hundreds by now.” He says. “Of what?” asks Larke. “Goblins, Ogre, and even darker things I don’t even know of.”he says. “Why do you need the seven that were taken?” asked Fazha. “Food for the darker ones.” He says.

Larke takes the map to go see a cartographer, the map checks out. On their way out, the hobgoblin says “ and tell the warlock to send the four lambs to the slaughter.” Larke turns and tells the hobgoblin “You are lucky.” Larke offers to not follow the map and just go straight through the forest. They think it over, and decide to follow the path for now. They decide to show the map to Azuraus, who agrees that that’s the route he would take. Fazha asks for any better routes, or anyone who knows the way. Azuraus says sure.

“The raid on the city wasn’t as large scale as it appeared to be, it appeared to be a bluff. Quite frankly, the council, balked at the idea of sending a force so far away that after seven civilians that may or may not be alive, especially at this raid was a probing attack for a much larger attack.

I feel that sending a small, highly skilled strike force to obtain the hostages, to be a more feasible approach to the situation, especially if there are hundreds.” He says somewhat annoyingly.

The next morning, they are on their way. They find goblin tracks and catacombs nearby the castle. They enter the catacombs. There are two braziers in the catacombs.

Dirk opens the door along w/ Fazha. They find some very surprised goblins. Jennowynne notices two sets of runners in the floor. They go in to attack.

Larke hits a goblin. Dirk goes forward and cleaves. Fazha rushes forward to attack another goblin. Jennowynne rushes in and flanks Fazha, and attacks the goblin closest to him. Larke attacks another goblin. One of the goblins near the back of the catacomb fires at Larke, and instills damage. Then the goblin shoots Jennowynne, and she takes damage. Dirk cleaves at a goblin which makes an advantageous position for Fazha. Larke yells to Jennowynne “Finish him!”

Fazha attacks the goblin, and then Dirk attacks again. Jennowynne does a sneak attack and damages the goblin. Larke says “Hey, you are in my way!” and attacks the goblin closest to her.

They all manage to flank the goblins, and one runs the bend. Fazha attacks a goblin near the back. Jennowynne attacks the other one near the back. Larke goes forward to help Jennowynne. Jennowynne takes damage from the goblin.

Dirk shifts before he attacks. There is a loud rumbling sound. The braziers move. Fazha attacks the goblin in the back, he dies.

Jennowynne attacks the goblin closest to her, she misses, the goblin shifts out of the way. Larke attacks a goblin with a quick flash flame, she shifts. Dirk attacks. The braziers move again. Fazha blows out one of the braziers.

Jennowynne rushes to Dirk’s side and attacks the goblin next to her. A flame from the brazier shoots across the hall and nears Fazha. Larke shoots the goblin near the door, he is bloodied. The goblin shoots Larke back w/ his crossbow. The braziers move back again. Fazha attacks and the goblin dies. Jennowynne rushes forward and tries to attack, however she misses. Larke has her side and teleports to the goblin. The other brazier relights and a flame shoots towards the other brazier.

The Goblin shifts, and attacks Jennowynne, she is bloodied. Dirk charges towards the goblin, and kills it dead.


Galadare Jennowynne

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