Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

(summary of last time: they went into a crypt and killed bunch of lizards, and glowing runes that bit you. Got into a room found a dwarf shackled up named Adrousius. He told us where to find the next place. He gave the following instructions: Straight across entry chamber, left in Goblin smell room, left in crackling sound room, 2 right corners through room that smells of dead with the stairs w/ sticky floor room. Right and up more stairs through a dusty room and left through a door to find Jelissa.)Neferi

Fazha listened to the room next to him, the original chamber. Dirk is behind him, and he listens inside the door, and flaming arrows flying through the room. Fazha decides to run straight through, holding a torch. Jennowynne is always keeping her ears open. They see a bunch of hobgoblins.

Larke kills a hobgoblin right off. Neferi (a newly joined member) throws a hammer after jumping in front of Fazha, she kills another hobgoblin. Jennowynne jumps up and throws a dagger, killing yet another hobgoblin. We girls rock.

Fazha gets up close to the last hobgoblin, wanting to breath fire, and burns the goblin. The last main goblin, the head goblin, attacks Fazha. Dirk goes forward to bash the head hobgoblin, he’s marked.

Two little hobgoblins behind a door start shooting inside the chamber from the next room. Neferi gets beside Fazha, and hits the head hobgoblin with her warhammer. She misses. Jennowynne strikes with her blade, she misses as well. Larke attacks with her magic, it hits. Fazha attacks and hits. Dirk attacks. Neferi flanks on the other side of the head hobgoblin, to attack. Jennowynne attacks, and she misses. Fazha attacks, and then Dirk attacks, FINALLY bloodies him (thank goodness). Larke attacks an archer, he is bloodied hanging off the edge of the pit. He climbs up out of the pit. Neferi attacks, and the head goblin dies. Neferi is the HERO.

Jennowynne throws a dagger towards the unharmed archer, she misses. Fazha moves up to the archer and hits him. Dirk attacks, and misses. Larke attacks the remaining goblin archer and he dies. Jennowynne gets a hand-crossbow.

They all go left down the hall. The room forward has a blue luminance. Fazha throws a a stone into the blue flame, it ripples. A big, orangish blob oozes through. Neferi throws a hammer at the blob, it oozes in. Dirk attacks, and then Fazha attacks with his dragon breath while attacking. Jennowynne sneaks up close to the curtain and hits it. Fazha attacks, gets acid spit on him, he is bloodied.

The blob splits in half. The new blob attacks. Two spectors come out from nowhere, one behind Neferi, and one beside Larke. Neferi turns and attacks the spector next to her. Dirk attacks the blob, and both sides of the blob takes damage. Fazha attacks the blob and it melts. Jennowynne attacks the remaining blob, and misses.

A spector attacks dirk, he gets hit. A spector hits Neferi also. A spector hits Larke as well. This is starting to really, really suck. Fazha managed to get hit by a spector, and he manages to get hit, he is DOWN!

All that’s left is the rogue Jennowynne, standing lone, deciding on the best course of action. Neferi gets up though, and helps Fazha get up. Dirk gets up as well. Fazha attacks the blob, hits it and it explodes.

A spector hits Jennowynne, it does little damage. Neferi attacks the spector in between herself and Jennowynne gets hit. Larke hits that spector as well, it dies. Jennowynne hits the remaining spector, it is bloodied.


Galadare Jennowynne

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