Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

They all go outside for a breather. They would need it after the weird teleportal thingy. They decide to rest and camp for the night.

Outside, they run into some company. Not orc, not hobgoblin, not troll, but a dude named Haul.

They go into a crypt, with an inscription that says “Hail Irshtic, with glory”. Irshtic is an ancient family that died out a long time ago. They check out the alcoves, nothing too special about them. While Fazha looks closely at one of them, doors open suddenly.

Scorpion guys come through, made out of fire. One out of one end, the other out of another end. Fazah declares “I WILL JUST BREATHE ON THEM! HA!”

Dirk attacks first, he misses. Neferi goes next, she manages to hit the first flamey scorpion guy. One of the guys spits hot lava at Larke, she drifts. A gnome (evil gnome) comes out beside Dirk and tries to attack him. Dirk laughs and steps out of the way, stating, “ I guess we know who summoned these creatures!” Then the gnome disappears and reappears.

Fazha blows his icy cold breath at both the gnome and the scorpion creature. He ends up flailing the scorpion creature, he hits him. Jennowynne attacks, and hits, causing minimal damage. Larke and Haul attack the scorpion creature next to them. Dirk attacks, followed by Neferi. They keep attacking; the gnome fades out of existence.

They continue to attack, the gnome reappears. Dirk tries to locate him, he looses track and the gnome disappears again. Fazha does an awesome attack against one of the scorpion guys, he is down. There is only one more scorpion guy left along with the disappearing gnome. They realize there are two gnomes all along.

They manage to kill one of the gnomes, Fazha sits on one of them. The last scorpion thingy dude is left. We manage to kill it. So all that’s left is the gnome under Fazha, who surrenders easily.

Fazha asks the gnome if he speaks common. The gnome states he does.

“Why are you here?” asks Fazha.

“I was ordered to follow sinrutlth. He was my master, acrhimest fizlarium.”

“Do you have access to the rooms in this crypt?” “We were posted in this room”

haul determined the gnome is telling the truth.

“Where are the prisoners?” asked Fazha.

“The dragonborn are through there. That’s all I know”. Said the gnome.

They determine that the gnome has a buddy with the key to the next room. They figure out what to do with him, so they decide to tie his arms, blind fold him, and bring him along with us.

“How much are they paying you?” asks Fazha.


“I tell you what, you get your life in a stipend of a gold piece a month.”

“You pay in gold?” he asks.

“Look at every member of this party, until we get out of here alive, understand that every one here wants to kill you, and only I am preventing that from happening. Understand that?”

“Yes master.” Said the gnome.

Beyond the door is the holding cell, where Certainun stays. Certainun is the curator of the museum. Certaninun has a cane, and thus can’t move very well. He knows the cook is downstairs, as he was moved upstairs a few days ago.

We send the gnome out to scouts, dirk escorts him out.

Inside the next room, there are creepy spidery things. A nedercap. Fazha states that it is a humanoid spider.

Fazha is suggesting we smoke out the enemy above us. Larke advised she is going to douse her hankerchef with water from her canteen. The others do the same.

They burn some bedrolls found in an adjacent room. Everyone’s eyes start to sting. Fazha stomps out the fire, he grabs a torch from the flames and proceeds into the room.

The room is dark. Fazha throws his torch into the room, to see where the nedercap is. The nedercap comes up and bites Fazha. Fazha isn’t a happy dragonborn. Not at all.

Another nedercap comes in and flanks Dirk. Neferi and Jennowynne are struck down by the Nedercaps. The others manage to kill both the nedercaps. Neferi regains her strength, Jennowynne remains on the ground. Severely wounded.

The gnome booked it down the hall, when everyone started getting in real trouble. We all manage, per normal to get things under control. They search the catacombs, and find a body of cartenex, one of the seven. They find 4 gems (each worth 25 gp), 80 gold, and 100 gold worth of magic dust. They also find a belt with an untarnished nature, and healing potion. The belt is a heroic belt of vigor, which gives healing surges.

They all stood around debating who gets the belt, the gems, and the gold pieces. Fazha throws the belt on and decides to take it as his own. He decided to give it as a gift to Neferi.


Galadare Jennowynne

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