Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

The gnome had left, unbeknown to the scout waiting outside. They go up the stairs by the room with the sticky stairs, into a dusty room. They open the door, and they hear a hissing noise.

We hear some goblin’s shouting. No one knows how to speak goblin. Haul runs up to attack one of the goblins, he gets hit. Jennowynne jumps up onto a beam, aiming her arrows.

Four hobgoblins come out of nowhere, really angry like. They all manage to kill three of them. Easy. Cause we are scary like that.

We manage the other hobgoblins and one of the two goblins. Fazha mentions to keep the last one alive so we interrogate him. Larke goes ahead and smites him.

They finally kill the sneaky archer dude, and Fazha gets all excited since now he can all interrogate the hobgoblin, who, which is proven, to be more frightened than angry, although he is, in fact, angry. Who wouldn’t?

The hobgoblin spits in Fazha’s face. He tells Larke she can kill him. Larke doesn’t want to kill him now since he did surrender. However, she changes her mind. Fazha pokes his head down the stairway.

There are several hobgoblins and smaller goblins inside. They kill most of the hobgoblins at first, again, they are good like that. They find these guys easiest to kill, as they hack them one by one.

There is only one left.. then another small gnome ranger appears. Haul asks Fazha if he is going to squish him too.. Fazha is too angry to squish, he wants to kill at this point.

They kill the gnome’s bodyguard, and the little gnome is up against them all. There is a dark cloud amoung them all. The gnome is killed by Jennowynne. Leaving behind shiny scale skin. They loot the gnome and there is a very light dagger, and healing dagger, and a key.

They opened the door and find Jalissa inside. She’s freaked out. Dirk walks in there and unlocks the shackles. She latches onto him. They opened up the coffins, and find just dead bodies.

Meheirs are scattered about in the next room. Mehairs are standing stones. Something behind is casting light, shows two sets of double doors between them and the light source.

They all discuss whether or not if they will hide and ambush or what. They decide that one will check it out as “bait”.

They decide to all hide. Jennowynne readied her bow, ready to strike. The hobgoblin comes forward. They start attacking. Jen releases her bow, she misses. She tries again, hits the hobgoblin, and damages him.

They finally killed the hobgoblin boss, got 170 gold. Haul took his spikey plate armor. They receive a letter to Brave Sinruth from the Herald proposing an alliance. However he offers a test first.


Galadare Jennowynne

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