Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

They enter a room with a sun shaped symbol on the floor with zombies and the like. They manage to kill the zombies, however, most of them lain on the floor. Not dead, but sore. Very, very sore. Fazah looks through the bodies, and only found a couple shiny gems.

They hear whispering in the next room, Fazah and Dirk together push the door open, however it was a little too hard and the door nearly falls off the hinges.

Inside there is a big ape thing beating it’s chest. It was horrific.

Fazah asks him “would you like to be free, my friend?” “Yes, yes, yes.”

“If I let you go, will you hurt me?” “Yes, yes, yes”

They kill him and a couple were-rats as well. They head down the hall, and hear talking inside a door. “You and You, in the corner, they are coming!!” Fazah knocks on the door “Hurry! The Gnome is going away!” He proceeds to make stomping noises down the hall.

The creatures inside fling open the door, meeting their doom. One of the were-rats sat down to Fazah’s command. “If any of your friends return you are dead.” The other were-rats shown up.

As soon as Fazah told the were-rats that is almost dead to sit down or die. Gnome-mage dude Acrhnist cast an illusion was knee deep in black, diseased smoke. Larke especially.

They kill off two of the were rats, and charged the gnome. “Join us or die” said Fazah. The gnome teleported through a wall.


Galadare Jennowynne

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