Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

They are in the hall, there are pillars, 20 ft wide. This hallway is down 40 ft and opens up into a big ole’ room. There are skeletons and well-preserved mummies in the room. The most preserved one, wearing a silk dress says “Look Reginald, I know that we would have guests.”

Fazah walks towards the other mummy. They explained they lived in better times. There was a period of a generation or two of some families that the high borne warriors had little better to do than fight each other in over-ritualized fighting events.

“Would you be his lovely wife, madam?”

She points at him, and misses her shot, however it does hit dirk. Dirk shoots his arrow, cursing out Fazah.

They fight the two mummies. The female mummy turns into the ugliest creature Fazah has ever seen. “Where is my children!” she yells.

A bunch of skeletons came up. Nefari does a big burst, three of the skeletons die. They continue to attack, Jennowynne making the final sneak stab into the female mummy.

Reginald makes a big burst and Jennowynne is down. Nefari heals her up and she jumps back into action.

They continue to attack for awhile. Finally Reginald’s blows up.

They all go outside to rest. The next day Fazah and Nefari go back to search through the bone room, finding 2 healing potions and a 100 gold coins. They hear someone crying. They peer around the corner and finds a kid and 260 gold. The kid is 8 years old, and his name is Thurin. He tells him that the witch is being held in the magic circle downstairs. He remembers a lot of mushrooms. They go into a pool room. Fazah contemplates drinking, but changes his mind that it might be diseased.

Thurin realizes his dad was dead by nedercaps. They decide to leave the kid upstairs with Haul.

They all enter a room of mushrooms. Fazha grabs a rock about to throw. They contemplate setting them on fire. It’s a cloudspore variety. There are no visible enemies, but wait- there are enemies. They are two large creatures in the room. After much fighting, they manage to defeat the two creatures.

In the middle of the next room is an old lady. Fazha tries to pick her up and takes damage. They take her up and out of the catacombs and return.

They enter in another room with four statues. They see a woman chained to the altar. They rescue her. Then they realize they are done. They headed back to town. About time, right?


Galadare Jennowynne

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