Ár Baile

Jennowynne's Notes

They all return to town, and there are many festivities and praises for them all. The leaders pull them each aside to ask them how it went. Fazha’s uncle is a bit impatient with him. Larke pulls out the letter and hands it to him. Fazha’s uncle reads it, and again.

Fazha’s uncle has never heard of sinruth. He thinks it may be possible that we might have slain sinruth, but he is not sure. Larke thinks Fazha is on the loud side.

Fazha’s uncle would like us all to form into an official strikeforce. To work as troubleshooters. Jennowynne asks if we where be paid. Of course this is a common question of rogues.

Dirk eats a lot. He likes good eating.

They all get together and decided to nominate Larke as a leader. It was a close spot between Fazha and Larke. However Fazha decided to be contracted.

They all get together. Fazha decided he wants to be a gnome-punter. They should call each other the gnome be-goners. Aribeli Elite is a better name thought Fazha.

The party ends. Dirk takes leftover pie. He goes home to do homework on gnomes.

Neferi heads out and does some praying. She asks for a blessing on her next mission.

Larke decides on Vangaurd as their name.

Jennowynne cuts her hair, and runs into Fazha in the street. He doesn’t even acknowledge her. She thinks that’s excellent since she’s trying to hide from people. Other than that, she drifts from tavern to tavern.

Fazha purchases some weapons. He does so and also visit his uncle. He does some research on Fizlari.

He doesn’t find anything specific on Sinruth.

The town of Aribeli was damaged from the attack. The human and dragon quarter were damaged. The elven quarter was off in the forest so thus it wasn’t nearly as damaged.

After 5 days, everyone is called together. Azuraus calls everyone together. He tells them there is a problem with some bandits, which is a days ride away. They go somewhere where a lot of rogues hang out.

The rogues wait for a straggler to attack instead of attacking a whole caravan.

The Vanguard decide on what to do. They think they could travel along with a caravan, and somehow get lost from the group.

The last attack was during the last goblin attack, which is why Azaruis wasn’t at the party when Aribeli was attacked.

They decide to be in the very last caravan. There are five carts. The Vanguard is hiding in the last cart. Two bandits appear in the forest. They start throwing weapons.

One of the horses was spooked and the horse jumped off the cliff. Dirk stops the wagon. Several thieves come out of the forest, they start to attack. A couple stragglers run deep into the forest, Dirk and Fazha runs after them.


Aww, there’s no mention of any of the cool stuff Lark did. Like dropping all those minions with my nifty new wand.

Jennowynne's Notes
Galadare Jennowynne

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