Former Royalty gone Rogue.


Jennowynne got to Ari Baile on one of her many escapades. For the past three years she has been on the run, moving from town to town. Before three years ago no one knows her past.

Truth is, she’s royalty. Not from a large or popularly known kingdom of any stretch, but a kingdom nonetheless. She’s not part of a direct lineage. The King and Queen had only two sons, both of whom were lost in a battle along with the King himself. The Queen doted on her favorite neice, Jennowynne. She marked Jennowynne as next in line for the throne. Because of such, her husband must be well chosen, as the man who marries her will gain the kingdom. Jennowynne moved to the castle when she was twelve, and hated it from the very beginning. The attention and dresses were nice, but she was nothing but a pawn for the Queen’s decisions regarding the future of the kingdom.

Due to circumstances regarding this matter, she ran off on her sixteenth birthday, the same day as she was betrothed to a snotty prince of a fellowing kingdom. Her kingdom started rumors that she was out there the somewhere, the Princess who holds the key to their kingdom. Win her heart and you win the crown. It got too much for her to handle.


Ár Baile Galadare Jennowynne