Dirk Rexford

Dirk is an easy-going young man with a natural talent for the blade.


Human Fighter 3

Str: 18(+4) Con: 13(+1) Dex: 14(+2) Int: 8(-1) Wis: 14(+2) Cha: 10(0) Speed: 5

HP: 40 Bloodied: 20 Surge Value: 10 Surges/Day: 10

AC: 20 Fort: 18 Ref: 16 Will: 14

Skills of Note: Athletics +8, Endurance +5, Heal +8, Intimidate +6, Nature +8, Insight +3, Perception +3

Class Abilities: Scale armor prof., heavy shield prof., all simple and military weapon prof., Combat Challenge, Combat Superiority, Fighter Weapon Talent: one-handed

Combat: Longsword +9, Longbow +5 At-Will Powers: Cleave, Reaping Strike, Tide of Iron, Pass Forward Encounter Powers: Covering Attack, Hunter’s Quarry, Sweeping Blow Daily Powers: Comeback Strike

Feats: Weapon Focus: Heavy Blades, Power Attack, Warrior of the Wild

Equipment: longsword, longbow, standard adventurer’s kit, climber’s kit, Everburning Torch, Ruby Scabbard, 2 Healing Potions, 340 gp


Dirk has previously been hired as a bodyguard for fellow party member Lark. He makes it his goal to protect his fellow party members from the many dangers that they may encounter. He also has a distinct dislike for gnomes. Dirk really likes pie.

Dirk Rexford

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