Ár Baile

Ár Baile is a cosmopolitan community formed by three allied groups. First were the elves of Mathair Coil who dwelt among the trees of the forest since records began. Second were the human barbarians that roamed the plains. Third are the dragonborn clans that fled the war-torn lands of their ancestors in the south to find friends among the humans and elves.

Others have cast their lot in with the community that has become Ár Baile, most notably the descendants of dwarven traders from the mountains in the west and the shattered remnant of an Eladrin royal family that were driven from their royal courts by the Unseelie and their Fomorian overlords.

Ár Baile is divided chiefly into four wards:

Westward in the forest is the Elven Quarter, a semi-secretive community that prefers to limit the presence of their non-elf allies among the sacred trees of the deep forest.

To the east and south is the Human Quarter. The largest and most proliferate of all, it is further sub divided among the five Great Houses, and warmed by the fires of intrigue and politics.

Northward is the Dragonborn Quarter. Few in numbers, but great in heart; the dragonborn are united under the Triumvirate, a military council composed of the three clan patriarchs.

Set between all three at the edge of the forest is the Common Quarter; where the Great Council convenes to rule wisely and bicker ferociously.

Ár Baile

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