Ár Baile is facing hard times. Drought and war have increased the number of marauders and thieves in the land. Trade with neighboring communities has dwindled and harvests grow poorer with each passing year.

Worse still, those few merchants that persevere bring dark rumors with them. Tales tell of villages being swallowed by the wilderness overnight and of whole towns being found empty, with no clue as to why.

Fear and uncertainty are welling up in the hearts of the townsfolk. Despair waits in the shadows and hopelessness threatens to strangle Ár Baile.

Late on a moonless night the village soothsayer has a vision foretelling the coming of champions to combat the growing darkness and lead the people to another age of prosperity; and of the malign intelligence that stirs in the night, awaiting its chance to lay waste all that they hold dear.

Ár Baile

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